as you are

as i am


day by day

hand in hand


let us free

reel us in


for that is how

we all begin.


as you fly

as i fold


days are numbered

hands go cold


for we are free

no need to bend


for that is how

we face our end

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utterly and uniquely yours


That’s the thing with waiting, it stops you from really living if you let it.

Sometimes hope is a burden, sometimes it’s a blessing. The best things in life are an antithesis to themselves, they have the power to make us feel and be, both beautiful and wretched. There is something life affirming in any extreme. To let yourself feel, is to let yourself live, and that means the good with the bad, day in day out.

So we wait and we hope.

We hope that something will come along that will make everything worthwhile, that will make things make sense, that will ease our pain, make us cry with laughter, make us strive for greatness, make us feel reckless and beautiful, help us understand what it is to be selfless, take away our fear.

We wait, and we hope and we miss out on what’s happening right now, right in front of us.

That’s the thing with waiting, it stops you from really living if you let it.

It’s a burden and a blessing.

Trust that you are enough, you can let go and free-fall into life and that it will be both beautiful, wretched. A life that is utterly and uniquely yours.

So don’t wait, live.

Trust yourself not to regret a moment.

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new year, less fear


Fear is the only thing holding me back from achieving anything and everything I want to achieve in my life.

I have always put myself out of my comfort zone, always done things which all my friends tell me I am daring and a little crazy for. The thing is, very few of the things I have done are things I am afraid of. They’re just things other people are afraid of, so while I am doing something which just makes sense or seems like a bit of fun, other people think I am off my rocker with balls the size of tractor tyres.

I end up limiting what I want to do because of peoples reactions to my behaviour. I am afraid of lots of things, I am not fearless like people think and having to hide that is knackering.

So now it’s time for me to fit into my skin, push my boundaries, find my limits and live my life to the fullest so that I can show myself exactly where my value lies.

If I want to do something but I am worried or afraid of the consequences, I WILL do it as long as it won’t harm other people in the process.

I’m doing this for me, because I want to know what I am capable of and to see in myself what everyone else seems to see.

Game on.